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For your order, send me by email, or whatsapp, the code you find in the catalogs next to each photo. You will receive all the information on prices, sizes and shipping costs

All the ceramics produced in my laboratory are hand-painted artisanal products, so every imperfection is to be considered as a value and not a defect. As the ceramics are produced entirely by hand and are the result of my passion for art. Each ceramic is unique

Classic - C

Nativity - N

Nativity - N2

Nativity - N3

New work - W

Olives - L

Olives - L2

Sunflower - S

Tuscany - T

Tuscany - T2

Tuscany - T3

Tuscany - T4

Tuscany - T5

Tuscany - Y

Tuscany - Y2

Cortona 2021

Christmas 2021